Thursday, September 27, 2018

Gray Ghost: The Bill Dix Detective Series Book 1 by C.L. Swinney

                                     What a thriller! This is one very active, very connected book!
Reviewed from Kindle

What a thriller! What a way to take a vacation! This is one very active, very connected book. I knew I'd heard the words "Gray Ghost" through the years but had no idea until now how important those words were. I just looked at a list of books with that name included and it is a long list. I believe it has also been used as names for operations and various transport mobility during wars. Just picture planes, ships, submarines slipping out of side like a gray ghost in a fog. Just as easily a motorboat of any type could slip away in the usual fog of night with illegal cargo as silently as a ghost when needed. That aside, this was a fascinating book, beginning with murder and the sinking of a speedboat loaded with one hundred million dollars' worth of cocaine in the hull, and two dead bodies on deck. Wouldn't you think a nice fishing trip in the Bahamas would be restful for two vacationing narcotics detectives? But no, first their fishing guides were killed, the boat sunk, all before they even got started. What can you do when you do not have jurisdiction to assist in such a case that could cost your career if you interfere? But Bill and his partner will take the chance. This was a great fast action read, lots to think about, some very fast thinking but the mastermind is so diabolical, how will they ever catch him? Lucky for the readers, this is Book 1 in a series so there is more to come. I was totally whisked away by author C.L. Swinney as I followed their efforts, very exciting.

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