Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey

  Penguin Random House
  Tundra Books
  written by Linda Bailey
  illustrated by Julia Sarda

I love the illustrations in this book, both the imaginative and creative drawings, and the creative writing. Kids and adults are going to love these drawings, as creative as the original story itself. This is a childrens book, so creative. As it says, How does a Story Begin? Sometimes it begins with a dream. I am in awe of the creativity and the story in this book.

Mary is an unusual girl. She never really knew her mother, she died when Mary was only eleven days old. She comes to know some poets, writers, and artists, friends of her father and who will become famous through the years. Thus she becomes well-known in her own field. She is unique, well-read, and creative, and she runs away with a young poet who is very much like her, seeing what others don't see, too busy in their own lives to see the creativity in the lives of these two unique personalities. Meeting another creative story-teller, Mary has a lot to think about as a teen-ager.  She sees mystery everywhere, finds creativity fulfilling her life. Her friends want to become famous story-tellers...poets, artists, novelists. Mary, with her wonderful imagination, way with words, and desire to create, to tell stories, writes. Mary is the person who wrote about Frankenstein and created a book that is still known today. Mary grew up to be a classic and exciting author. Sometimes a Story begins with a Dream. If people dreamed of what they wanted to do, of what they are capable of, just look at what they can do!

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